Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pressure Canning Chicken - Half Batch and New Jars

Today I canned my remaining eight jars. This was one layer in my canner. Found out it is way harder to retain pressure with only one layer. Very wide swings on the stove knob, where a full canner was just nudging the heat. Perhaps more practice will make this easier, but I'd rather have a full canner from now on.

With that said I did have another successful batch! Hooray!

Note: IF you are buying new jars with lids and rings...
I found four damaged lids that were still usable. The fifth was not and obviously was damaged at the factory, since the rim was bent and the rubber poured over the top of the bend. Be sure and check your lids and jar mouths before you are in the middle of canning! Luckily I had an extra box of lids to fix the problem.

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